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Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 18: Small world of happy habits 1

Each day begins with a spring from the bed Into a routine of happy habits. It’s a small world these six rooms broken up By backyard trips to inspect trees and plants And the occasional country sojourn. But what a happy small world to live in– To be curious in everyday wonders Of bacon, crumpling […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 16: Cinquain for a sister 3

Sister Spotless spirit Flinging self asunder The journey’s only now begun. Pure Joy. A cinquain is a five-line poem that fits certain guidelines, such as the one above with the 2-4-6-8-2 syllable pattern.

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 15: Green grass 2

Green grass is so much more than that When it’s the springboard for cartwheels, Though a deep edge marks your limits And white clover summons the bees.   Friends come by convenience and chance To parties throughout the long year Before summers grow old and tan And pictures and half-thoughts remain.   (c) 2013

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 10: For an inspiring teacher Comments Off on Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 10: For an inspiring teacher

Consider it the highest honor, Dear teacher, when a pupil tells you “I am ready to go on.” Indeed I am. Under your kind instruction, The world around me seemed A little more my own each day. Every day, with your guidance, I became a little less the student Who sat in your classroom At […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 9: Smiles 2

The garden and beds smile in spring, Gape-toothed grins With mud in their teeth That foretell a season Both pink and green.      

Poem-a-Day Challenge Day 8: Birthday Sevenling 1

The sudden realization She’d lived two half lives, Just one of them fully her own, And the hope by grace For another doubling of years To make a nice-sized life Made 36 seem young.     Poem-a-Day Challenge has introduced me to the sevenling form, and boasts some examples here. If you’ve been following my […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 7: The Passerby Comments Off on Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 7: The Passerby

My neighbor passes my window on the street each day Bearing no more than the essentials of life Water and canned goods – a morning ritual. My neighbor passes my window on the street each day To work in the light and air at the fast food joint With her fancy degree. I wish I […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 6: On Turning 36 1

Half a life ago This moment Reason rejected— Though not Mother, I too would be Past sex and fashion. Now thirty and six I’ve lived twice Those years spent Under her roof (Ten and eight), My longest journey Those endless rounds Bed-bath-breakfast-bus Trailing unbewitching pumps.   Perhaps half a life gone, Tracing the path Bed-bath-breakfast-bus […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 5: At Eternity’s Gate Comments Off on Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 5: At Eternity’s Gate

At Eternity’s Gate After Vincent Van Gogh, “Old Man with His Head in His Hands”    This was it. He was tired. The last he had Kept alight the fire. His crown bright For none to see, The grey’s alone To caress his cheek. Those watery eyes, They’ll see no more, Blinded by fists From […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 4: Haiku for spring 4

Longer daylight lifts The café’s status along With margaritas.   The wool turtleneck Will reappear in winter With better prospects. Both (c) 2013.