Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Big Bang Comments Off on The Big Bang

A TV flashing channel to channel With dueling remotes I see not nor hold– It’s really interesting, how explosions Follow game shows which follow NFL In this world of half-thoughts. I check Facebook And wonder if I need a quiet nook. In my mind things pile up, spread out past reach, A sweeping scene, where […]

Snow Day 1

I am who I am on a snow day, This unearthed time stash, usually with pay, I’ve long coveted as to become Me as I really am, more than crumbs Of a week, a day, a year, allow. I’ve just eight hours my self to rouse! The fallen snow has wiped the slate clean, Hollow […]

Haiku Comments Off on Haiku

Lil’ snooze, post repast, Aglow in the southern sun– Too soon it will pass!           © Beth Henary Watson 2015

Two trips Comments Off on Two trips

Twenty-three years she saved for that train ride Back across the prairie straight to New York To visit the places, now-old faces She knew before she was Mrs. Ripley, Weather beaten by the Iowa plains. Of course it would be hard on the old man, Who sold a pig to help her on her way, Thus […]

Alone Comments Off on Alone

Alone. I am here because of me. It’s not a strong position from which To be right about important things— Such a long time to reach anyone, Year after year before and behind. I have not yet been forgotten, but Visitors are increasingly few, With most noise out here coming from me. Solitude like this […]

The Hopeful Traveler 2

Hold steady that gaze! Its far-flung cast voids That lightness of purse which sets back journeys. How keen you are to look past false borders Laid out to constrict a generation’s Ambitions birthed before recent crises— You continue to float among bubbles That carried so many hopes sky higher Until the thin air no longer […]

Heroic bust Comments Off on Heroic bust

The celebration of my eighth decade, The trauma of so much history lived Have bent my back, rendered me unable To lift my head to see what still may pass. All words have escaped me, frozen in time, To be repeated by those who need them When oppressed by life and other terrors. I was […]