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The Moving Walkway Comments Off on The Moving Walkway

“It could be said that in one day we live through decades.” Mikail S. Gorbachev, The August Coup The Moving Walkway At some point the moving walkway will end; You will have to pull your suitcase yourself Whether you were staring out the window Or talking to the person behind you Or charging ahead, passing […]

The Life-Changing Magic of Freezer Cooking Comments Off on The Life-Changing Magic of Freezer Cooking

It’s a Saturday mid-March. The birds are chirping outside our kitchen window under our mostly clean sink and countertop. We’ve just enjoyed some warm carb-friendly breakfast muffins: sausage, egg, and cheese. Because we live in Texas, sometimes we top them with salsa. In a glorious epiphany, I realize no one in this family has done […]

The Landmark Comments Off on The Landmark

Mostly silent in majestic repose Old friends, growing fewer, still wistful show, The last ranks of those who saw her glory— When sequins flattered arch-softened angles As they ascended to the mezzanine To toast a fleeting splendor ‘longside hers. Her presence alone evokes greater days, The grand lady’s now retired, an aged dame Whose plundered […]

Campaign for…poetry? Comments Off on Campaign for…poetry?

Last year I had the opportunity to help lead a grass-roots political effort. The campaign for a local sales tax measure came together beautifully. The purpose was clear; events dictated the brief timeline; and more than 100 volunteers labored three months toward a May election. The result: 96 percent of voters supported our cause. My […]

Poetry and productivity Comments Off on Poetry and productivity

  In January 2015, I was quoted in Fast Company regarding how I use unexpected free time. I use some of my free time writing poetry. It’s a priority for me, though it hasn’t always been. I have written poetry on and off since high school. It is more accurate to say that I felt […]

Debt Comments Off on Debt

One day a statement arrived in my inbox demanding payment for last month’s chicken sandwich— extra sauce, hold the tomatoes— and I looked everywhere for a remnant of it, perhaps a to-go box or some leftovers; it seems it was consumed shortly before the closet monster devoured my bedazzled wedges and I had to repeat […]