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The One Day Work Week Comments Off on The One Day Work Week

  She cooked and dressed for the week on Sundays. Seven outfits and twenty-one meals is A lot to undertake in just a day, Although you don’t eat all the meals at once Or host a pageant wearing what you ironed. So Mondays she was well nourished and dressed For watching TV or taking long […]

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I see them– The pollen and the seedheads– Plotting.         Thank you to Steve Watson for this guest post! © Steven E. Watson 2015  

Swing Comments Off on Swing

                    What a milestone I reached when I learned to Propel myself into oblivion, Lifted by nothing but pumping legs That, while short, sent me soaring high above The pea gravel. No one could reach me, flush with the sky, and There was peace above the […]