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Gratitude 1

So anxious was I once for a life change That I dwelt upon it day after day, So desperate was I that I knelt on it, With constant fear of the heavens’ silence. The skies were not quiet, and it happened To much celebration before sliding Like one more birthday into history, Every moment better […]

On the Threshold of Eternity Comments Off on On the Threshold of Eternity

I look back over my years—no regrets. With gusto, I charged headlong through the world, Blindly at first, then with more direction, Drinking of life ‘til I was overfull, Until I could no longer lift my glass. I shouted both when everyone listened And when no one was listening, howling Until I could no longer […]

Superhero Comments Off on Superhero

Be one you love always, Though that doesn’t mean you Have to reveal all your Superpowers right off— At times it pays to mask Genius with convention, Holding secret those gifts ‘Til you can be sure they Are appreciated. Some talents are better Left hidden by a smile That reveals little past A commoner’s knowledge, […]