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You Should Be Hungry Comments Off on You Should Be Hungry

I no longer open the fridge alone, But with research’s watchful gaze abreast. You should, it tells me, abstain from eating— Not just the quick serve fare of the car age, Dubious contents, overpriced and bland, But previous centuries’ harvests, too: Beef and corn and pig and peanut butter— To avoid maladies that might present […]

This Is One Comments Off on This Is One

  Those long passed turning one but dare to wish We remember our lives exponential. To be one is an exquisite feast for Every meal, regardless of the fare served; That it arrived will be more than enough. To be one is uninterrupted rest Every night, no matter how the day went, And regardless of […]

The World Has Passed Me By Comments Off on The World Has Passed Me By

So many things have passed me by, With no blow to my happiness Hunger and fame, I don’t know why, So many things have passed me by. Dread disease, scandal don’t apply, Along with what most call success. So many things have passed me by, With no blow to my happiness.   © Beth Henary […]

Alone in the house Comments Off on Alone in the house

It’s too quiet here If I’m not busy And think about it, Alone in the house, Even with the dog. Peaceful pursuits like Meditation fail, As do thoughts of them, And I recall all The graphic film and TV crime scene shots Starring a woman.       ©  Beth Henary Watson 2015