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For Caroline The day after you click to a list, See your name under pass, Laser focus on one goal, the last gate to clear before the world opens. Test of motivation and determination and stamina. You pass. And decisions must be made To set the parameters of life. Uncertainty looks better from this side; […]

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You should Bear the expectation of Excellence, sparkling wit and kitchen and kids. Pinterest balanced precariously while leaning in, an ideal seen in imagination. Explore the world to measure up to cocktail clutter, Run marathons to keep up; Forge ahead with plans from another’s life. Envy others’ best selves in the double, curated online mirror, […]

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It is better to understand the balance-sheet of one’s own life than of the corn trade. ~ Seneca The day after I ceased being useful, I became used to be, former, the past Like it’s verboten to be two people, Including one you didn’t know about.   © Beth Henary Watson 2015 If you like […]