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New poems Comments Off on New poems

  Just because it’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted on this site does not mean I have not been writing. To make up for lost time, over the next few days I’ll be posting batches of poems, five at a time, by (hopefully) helpful categories. I would be honored to have your […]

Star haiku Comments Off on Star haiku

Stars fill in the gaps After the city lights fade, Cool night’s warm promise.

Failure to fly Comments Off on Failure to fly

A flight of fancy This is not, This vision of mine Inhabiting my soul That has failed to fly, Refused to depart So that it resides in me, Is now the thing I want, Have wanted more Than anything ever.

Good times Comments Off on Good times

Those times were good And they splashed Like water up from A little boy’s swimming pool, Tiny, happy, ephemeral droplets Rolling in slow motion Through June and July, where Very likely they kept the trees alive So the leaves could fall And a slightly older boy could pick up pecans.

His world was bigger once 1

His once-big world contracted over time, Shrinking from infinite possibility After he thought through what was reasonable, Then narrowing to what seemed practical Before he decided what would be manageable While he remained comfortable. When that failed, He chose the tolerable path, veering with experience A way which proved bearable. This was his world at […]

Shrap Comments Off on Shrap

More present than my presence, It’s lodged in me; it twists, creeps In microscopic paces, Agony-filled reminders That certain encounters Carry more force than others, Strong impacts preventing More quotidian concerns From taking up residence, From making themselves Inextricable.