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New Poems, Part II Comments Off on New Poems, Part II

  As I wrote yesterday, I am posting batches of poems over the next few days to clear out my backlog. These will be arranged by (hopefully) helpful categories. I would be honored to have your feedback, and for you to let me know in the comments if you have a favorite. Dreams He hopes […]

He hopes it takes off Comments Off on He hopes it takes off

It will take off, this great adventure of yours, They told him, and we’ll be your best customers, Said most of his friends who’d done nothing like it, Risk more than everything for a dream, a hope, really, Because he was young and carefree and could do that: Chance it all for a chance that […]

Because I said (The Bad Boss) Comments Off on Because I said (The Bad Boss)

His tone, though civil, said Evacuate A-SAP Run if you know what’s good Not only for you, but For your wife, for your kids, Lest I ruin your life With what I do not know. But I’m in charge, so there: That’s all I have for you. There’s no time for questions.

Pattern Comments Off on Pattern

Little do we realize How set the pattern is– Cut out, supplied for free In the form of day and night, Hours seconds minutes, Waking and sleeping, Sex and commerce; How we must in most ways Conform or die, Die after too many waking nights, After sex one time too many; How our most outlandish […]

Nothing important Comments Off on Nothing important

Nothing important Ever happens here In our everything, That place where we go Inaccessible, Where we are famous, Feel inviolable, Though, like royalty Anywhere, subject To occasional Hostile incursions.

Dead end Comments Off on Dead end

Reached a dead end, Beat beat beat my head Into it until it bled, Both my head and the end If you looked closely enough To see it, but I found If I applied little more Leverage, a solid kick Would solve the problem.