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How to do something creative every day for a month if you aren’t retired Comments Off on How to do something creative every day for a month if you aren’t retired

  On Monday I wrote my 30th poem for the month of November, completing the Poem A Day Challenge for the Poetic Asides blog at Writer’s Digest. Never having completed a hobby project so ambitious, I have been reflecting on what made this time different from the artistic projects I’ve started and abandoned. I did […]

An Open Letter Comments Off on An Open Letter

An Open Letter by Beth Henary Watson I spent a whole day crafting a letter That would alter life for those on my side, Gave another to revision, then a Week to harvest signatures from those who Agreed this shouldn’t be necessary But admitted to its necessity, Only to receive an error notice At deadline […]

Leftovers Comments Off on Leftovers

Leftovers by Adrianne Cook Boxes of decorations Spill from the garage. Everything sparkles. Christmas goes up: A perfect painting From Rockwell. Except Broken, leftover ornaments Litter the bottom of the box, Remnants of people and places past With no place in the present. And I can’t throw them away.   Remains of a Century by […]

Luxury Comments Off on Luxury

Luxury by Beth Henary Watson Luxury is the every day At our house: your choice of foods, Leather seats in garaged sedan, All-inclusive Mexican trips. Here in the U.S.: middle class. Luxury also gives us a Private library, media room So we musn’t brave discomfort Of the crowd or of poor choices. Detached, single-family home. […]

Love Comments Off on Love

Love by Adrianne Cook I love the idea of the holidays: A taste of indulgence Space to reset. And then I am reminded: Family bickers Food falls flat The house shrinks Tempers explode And I wonder why we bother. Maybe next year.                     Love by Beth […]

Apologies Comments Off on Apologies

Apology by Beth Henary Watson “I am a part of all that I have met.” –Tennyson, “Ulysses” I’m sorry, not for you, but for me, For all that I missed in your presence; When you were present, I really wasn’t And it is only now, years later, Decades on, that I can say I would […]

It’s so strange Comments Off on It’s so strange

Saturday’s Poem A Day Challenge was to write a “strange” poem.   Strange by Beth Henary Watson As I get older, it seems strange That the winter falls much colder, My lap blanket ever warmer As I sip my peppermint tea. When I venture outside the leaves Scrape-dance against the pavement Louder than they did […]

Ideas Comments Off on Ideas

Resonance by Beth Henary Watson Certainly it was there most of the time In my life’s libraries and booksellers, Persistently displayed on the merits: An historical drama unsurpassed In character or scale of tragedy Spilled black and white on four hundred pages That stop just when the saga gets underway Although most of the ground […]

Odes Comments Off on Odes

Today’s Poem a Day Challenge from Writer’s Digest is “Ode to a _________.” “Ode to the Holiday” by Adrianne Cook With twinkling lights Warm thoughts Slow mind Delicious bites. To presents that support Engage And delight. To friendships, laughter Happy sights. Can’t wait for this year To take off so we might Fulfill the dream […]

Ritual Comments Off on Ritual

7 p.m. by Adrianne Cook Tussles and begging, We get upstairs. Kicks and screams, We get in the shower. Cajoling and stalling, We get through story time. Fits and starts, We snuggle and get into bed. Pop ups and tears, She settles into bed. Piano music and whirling fan, She goes to sleep.     […]