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Failure to fly Comments Off on Failure to fly

A flight of fancy This is not, This vision of mine Inhabiting my soul That has failed to fly, Refused to depart So that it resides in me, Is now the thing I want, Have wanted more Than anything ever.

Good times Comments Off on Good times

Those times were good And they splashed Like water up from A little boy’s swimming pool, Tiny, happy, ephemeral droplets Rolling in slow motion Through June and July, where Very likely they kept the trees alive So the leaves could fall And a slightly older boy could pick up pecans.

His world was bigger once 1

His once-big world contracted over time, Shrinking from infinite possibility After he thought through what was reasonable, Then narrowing to what seemed practical Before he decided what would be manageable While he remained comfortable. When that failed, He chose the tolerable path, veering with experience A way which proved bearable. This was his world at […]

Shrap Comments Off on Shrap

More present than my presence, It’s lodged in me; it twists, creeps In microscopic paces, Agony-filled reminders That certain encounters Carry more force than others, Strong impacts preventing More quotidian concerns From taking up residence, From making themselves Inextricable.          

Defense against indifference Comments Off on Defense against indifference

For so long it came naturally to me: Let’s write a letter to the editor; Let’s make powers that be look bad; let’s march. And then I grew older and got busy Making a living–at least trying to– And saw the marching went on without me. A forum missed here, a lecture skipped there And […]

Weeping Willow Comments Off on Weeping Willow

“Due to the war, Monet’s luxurious compound at Giverny was for the most part emptied of his children’s families and his household staff, who were either called into service or moved away from the advancing German army.” — Kimbell Art Museum (View the famously stunning painting here.) Weeping Willow Sadness blooms in many colors, Not […]

A Cause for Joy Comments Off on A Cause for Joy

A Cause for Joy This week, every day every hour every meal Will be cause enough for joy, because you have come, A visitor in our lives and sharer just the same, Sister-friend, unwilling mentee of the wild habits, Centrifugal force that pushes us out, away At a pace unsustainable, your thirst for The novel […]

The Reader’s Audience Comments Off on The Reader’s Audience

                    It’s hard to follow, Tegucigalpa This week, then on to New Jersey, sometimes Back and forth between Such unrelated outposts Fast as I can turn the page. You hear, sometimes listen, Even care about the highlights As I relate them, New favorites daily Flow like […]

Red Jeans Comments Off on Red Jeans

                  I still think about those red jeans… Not the Girbauds from middle school, Coca-Cola, fire truck, stop sign Red jeans that glow from bankruptcy, Make you want to bring back an age That won’t come with all its color. No, I think about washed-red jeans, New […]

Baby Goes to Europe Comments Off on Baby Goes to Europe

One day there were lots of people And I ate and slept on Mom’s lap Before we ran down a long hall, Me in Mom’s arms, all day in fact They held me all the time Until I ate some potatoes And slept in a room with two beds By myself. Then Dad put something […]