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New poem today: Half-dreams Comments Off on New poem today: Half-dreams

  Half-dreams Between the wine-induced Night waking and the damnable Beeping of the alarm, My conscious levitates, entertains Compromised thoughts closer to Dreams than to the wide-eyed Reality of 4 a.m.: A sense of clocks ready to chime; My children’s faces enlarged, Swollen like the Hindenburg, All baby teeth that bite At my guilty heart; […]

How to do something creative every day for a month if you aren’t retired Comments Off on How to do something creative every day for a month if you aren’t retired

  On Monday I wrote my 30th poem for the month of November, completing the Poem A Day Challenge for the Poetic Asides blog at Writer’s Digest. Never having completed a hobby project so ambitious, I have been reflecting on what made this time different from the artistic projects I’ve started and abandoned. I did […]

An Open Letter Comments Off on An Open Letter

An Open Letter by Beth Henary Watson I spent a whole day crafting a letter That would alter life for those on my side, Gave another to revision, then a Week to harvest signatures from those who Agreed this shouldn’t be necessary But admitted to its necessity, Only to receive an error notice At deadline […]

Leftovers Comments Off on Leftovers

Leftovers by Adrianne Cook Boxes of decorations Spill from the garage. Everything sparkles. Christmas goes up: A perfect painting From Rockwell. Except Broken, leftover ornaments Litter the bottom of the box, Remnants of people and places past With no place in the present. And I can’t throw them away.   Remains of a Century by […]

Luxury Comments Off on Luxury

Luxury by Beth Henary Watson Luxury is the every day At our house: your choice of foods, Leather seats in garaged sedan, All-inclusive Mexican trips. Here in the U.S.: middle class. Luxury also gives us a Private library, media room So we musn’t brave discomfort Of the crowd or of poor choices. Detached, single-family home. […]

Love Comments Off on Love

Love by Adrianne Cook I love the idea of the holidays: A taste of indulgence Space to reset. And then I am reminded: Family bickers Food falls flat The house shrinks Tempers explode And I wonder why we bother. Maybe next year.                     Love by Beth […]

Apologies Comments Off on Apologies

Apology by Beth Henary Watson “I am a part of all that I have met.” –Tennyson, “Ulysses” I’m sorry, not for you, but for me, For all that I missed in your presence; When you were present, I really wasn’t And it is only now, years later, Decades on, that I can say I would […]

Waiting Comments Off on Waiting

Waiting for night by Adrianne Cook Where I can take a breath Process the day Look at my empty accomplishments, My overflowing to-do list. When I can sit In front of the fire, Contemplate a glass Of white sweet relaxation. Where I can think Without interruption, within Serenity, And mentally prepare for tomorrow.     […]

It’s so strange Comments Off on It’s so strange

Saturday’s Poem A Day Challenge was to write a “strange” poem.   Strange by Beth Henary Watson As I get older, it seems strange That the winter falls much colder, My lap blanket ever warmer As I sip my peppermint tea. When I venture outside the leaves Scrape-dance against the pavement Louder than they did […]

Ideas Comments Off on Ideas

Resonance by Beth Henary Watson Certainly it was there most of the time In my life’s libraries and booksellers, Persistently displayed on the merits: An historical drama unsurpassed In character or scale of tragedy Spilled black and white on four hundred pages That stop just when the saga gets underway Although most of the ground […]