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Today’s Poem a Day Challenge from Writer’s Digest is “Ode to a _________.” “Ode to the Holiday” by Adrianne Cook With twinkling lights Warm thoughts Slow mind Delicious bites. To presents that support Engage And delight. To friendships, laughter Happy sights. Can’t wait for this year To take off so we might Fulfill the dream […]

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I want to believe the lady who walks These once stately corridors had a life, A story, a transcendent one even, That I one day might inhabit two worlds In the way of the communion of saints, That I also will always be alive, Able to check on things as I see fit.   You […]

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7 p.m. by Adrianne Cook Tussles and begging, We get upstairs. Kicks and screams, We get in the shower. Cajoling and stalling, We get through story time. Fits and starts, We snuggle and get into bed. Pop ups and tears, She settles into bed. Piano music and whirling fan, She goes to sleep.     […]

Poetry with Van Gogh Comments Off on Poetry with Van Gogh

Today’s Writer’s Digest Poem Challenge, Day 14, is to write an ekphrastic poem, which is a poem inspired by art. I let Steve Watson choose the painting.   Van Gogh’s Bedroom by Beth Henary Watson The oppressive madness these walls Help insulate me from cannot Be exiled perpetually. From my other rooms it creeps in […]

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After…by Adrianne Cook After this call This text Thanksgiving Christmas This task New Year’s My promotion After I’m thinner and wiser I will look My daughter’s face My husband’s smile My mother’s hands I will enjoy the moment today, Rather than after. After… by Beth Henary Watson After all that, There’s just this? Well, at […]

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The Old Lion by Beth Henary Watson The lion slept much longer than usual; His slumber was so deep he passed his prime, But when he woke his roar raised ostrich heads Across the savanna, almost sending Them flying from the path of his hunger.                     […]

The Woman with the Red Shoes Comments Off on The Woman with the Red Shoes

I read your announcement on Facebook, Where I was used to seeing pictures of your kids. My stomach dropped, my eyes stung As you told the universe a terminal prognosis With trademark wit and grace. The same person I shared three years of my life with When we were both finding ourselves as adults Instead […]

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Breaking the cycle by Adrianne Cook Constant cycle rehashed news blaring in my ears, straining my eyes, delivered to my phone my tablet my watch. If I turn it off I could concentrate for more than 30 seconds.   How to get my attention by Beth Henary Watson You may text me or e-mail: Perhaps […]

Granny’s lament Comments Off on Granny’s lament

I never thought my estate a weight Heavy with old preoccupations That no longer serve to occupy. Our quaint domestic obsessions with Survival—warmth, nourishment, clothing— So hard wrought, now so easily bought That to have more is inconvenient. © Beth Henary Watson 2015

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                              Submerged by history by Beth Henary Watson Behind the submerged Yser line Near the end of 1914, A legend grew, a soldier king, Exalted by the waters’ rise. Four years faithful he stalked the front, A sovereign who deserved his […]