Resonance by Beth Henary Watson

Certainly it was there most of the time
In my life’s libraries and booksellers,
Persistently displayed on the merits:
An historical drama unsurpassed
In character or scale of tragedy
Spilled black and white on four hundred pages
That stop just when the saga gets underway
Although most of the ground has been covered.

It reached out to me from among the stacks
Once I realized I was a survivor
Of the war that raged between those covers,
Of the burning churches and libraries
That so incensed those distant observers
Who like me mistook the situation
At first to be tribal, undeserving
Of any resonance with one like me.


The Epiphany by Adrianne Cook

Two months after we met,
After the instant connection,
I knew.

I was standing under the burning shower,
My mind wandering through
The new world I found myself in.
And I shivered with a sudden understanding.

Eight hours away from normal,
One month removed from when the world
Shattered on a Tuesday morning.
A city far from my comfort zone.

These things should have scared me,
Formed reasons why I should go home.
I didn’t.

That October morning, water dripping,
I knew.
We were meant to be together, somehow.

After that epiphany,
It was just a matter of rearranging,
and it did take a while.

And now, against all odds,
We’ve built the life I saw in that sudden flash,
That morning in the shower.


© the authors 2015