Leftovers by Adrianne Cook

Boxes of decorations
Spill from the garage.
Everything sparkles.

Christmas goes up:
A perfect painting
From Rockwell.

Broken, leftover ornaments
Litter the bottom of the box,
Remnants of people and places past
With no place in the present.
And I can’t throw them away.


Remains of a Century by Beth Henary Watson

What remains of a century
Is very little: magazines,
Books, newspapers of foreign times,
Otherworldly in their distance
Here to there, across inventions
And war zones, both profitable
And tragic at final outcome
For the world, though they mostly
Brought vacuum cleaners, dishwashers,
The hope of college for the kids.
From this recliner, little is
Left over from where I started
Over 100 years ago.


© 2015