Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 5: At Eternity’s Gate

At Eternity’s Gate
After Vincent Van Gogh, “Old Man with His Head in His Hands” 


This was it.
He was tired.
The last he had
Kept alight the fire.

His crown bright
For none to see,
The grey’s alone
To caress his cheek.

Those watery eyes,
They’ll see no more,
Blinded by fists
From e’vn the floor.

Today they said,
“Old man, be through.”
He coughed away
From his longtime crew.

At last he knew
The work was done.
He now could join
Wife, daughter, and son.

His labors failed them
Though he’d tried,
The cold and damp
Paid that no mind.

Out of time,
All life’s weight,
He lay—at loss—
At eternity’s gate.

(c) 2008