Poetry with Van Gogh

Today’s Writer’s Digest Poem Challenge, Day 14, is to write an ekphrastic poem, which is a poem inspired by art. I let Steve Watson choose the painting.


Van Gogh’s Bedroom by Beth Henary Watson

The oppressive madness these walls
Help insulate me from cannot
Be exiled perpetually.
From my other rooms it creeps in
Under the door and through the cracks
In the windows, through the starlike
Faults that line the barely blue walls.
It’s not at fault; this room does
Its simple task, keeps me contained,
At times confined all to myself.
It is I who made it crowded,
Gave it more than was reasonable
To ask any small space to hold,
Full enough with a few paintings,
Chairs for a friend and me and a
Row of four pegs for my clothes.
Should a room hold much more than this?


Click here to see painting.


We converted a tiny room in our house to a guest room, modeling it after Van Gogh's Bedroom (middle painting).

We converted a tiny room in our garage to a guest room, modeling it after Van Gogh’s Bedroom (middle painting).









The Irises by Adrianne Cook

Blue petals
Wavy green leaves
A gentle breeze mixes with
Slow thoughts,
Spring breaths.

One white flower
Singing softly to
Blue sisters.

I roll through the soft ground,
Happy to breathe in
And out.


Click here to see painting.


both © 2015