Waiting for night by Adrianne Cook

Where I can take a breath
Process the day
Look at my empty accomplishments,
My overflowing to-do list.

When I can sit
In front of the fire,
Contemplate a glass
Of white sweet relaxation.

Where I can think
Without interruption, within
And mentally prepare for tomorrow.



Waiting for Christmas by Beth Henary Watson

For a kid who wants a transport vehicle,
The wait for Christmas seems interminable:
A stretch of months, days, hours neverending,
Filled with disagreeable family dinners,
Banal school assignments and vicious classmates,

Sweaters socks toboggans bedding keep him warm
While he is here thank you oh so very much,
And the right kind of book is somewhat helpful,
But at eight he wanted skates, at twelve, money,
At sixteen, a car. Christmas always left him


© 2015