Weeping Willow

“Due to the war, Monet’s luxurious compound at Giverny was for the most part emptied of his children’s families and his household staff, who were either called into service or moved away from the advancing German army.”

— Kimbell Art Museum (View the famously stunning painting here.)

Weeping Willow

Sadness blooms in many colors,
Not just in blue, but also red,
Yellow and, eventually, green,
When from the sorrow springs new life.

At times, though, you could have unfurled
The whole of the world’s sadnesses
By national flag and shot them:
Once majestic colors would have

Dripped, run until they covered all
Visible space, bending into
The shape of a weeping willow
That lives long past its century.


© Beth Henary Watson 2016


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